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Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K

Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K

It might not have the fine dispensing controls of its more expensive competition, but the Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K is a capable and powerful grinder available at a great price. With simple controls and options to dispense into a group handle or cup, this grinder covers filter and espresso effortlessly.


Comes with cup holding ground coffeeSimple to adjustGroup handle holderGreat value


Can’t set espresso dispense times

Key Features

Grinding typeYou can grind into a group handle for an espresso machine or into a cup for filter coffee.


Getting the best quality coffee is as much about the grinder that you use as it is about the machine itself.

With the Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K you get a burr grinder that’s effective, well priced, and has both a pot to dispense into and an attachment so that you can grind straight into a group handle. 

This grinder is capable of dispensing everything from coarsely-ground coffee for filter machines to fine coffee for espresso. It gets all of the basics right, but those really into their coffee will miss the option to fine-tune how much coffee is dispensed each time.

Design and features

Simple layoutCan be used with a group handleYou can grind straight into the pot

There are only so many ways to make a coffee grinder, and the Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K doesn’t stray too far from the tried and tested design. On top, there’s a bean hopper that can take 250g of beans, which is your average-sized bag.

This can be removed, for easy cleaning. Its lid holds a brush for dusting the grinder down, and a scoop for filling up a filter machine or cafetiere.

Beans are gravity fed into the conical burr grinder below, which is adjusted by the clear dial at the bottom. The smaller numbers on the dial are for a finer grind; the larger for coarser.

According to the manual, you should only adjust the grind without beans in the hopper, to avoid damage. I say that minor adjustments are fine, tweaking your grind to get the perfect coffee. If you need to do wider adjustments, say moving from espresso to filter grind, then run the machine while you’re making the change.

The grinder unit can be removed underneath, too, making it easier to clean out.

Most grinders are either designed to dispense into a cup or into a group handle, but not both. The Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K is different. 

It ships with a container that can hold up to 120g of coffee, which is great for grinding for use in a filter machine or cafetiere. You can use the controls on the front to adjust how much coffee comes out, pressing the button in the middle to start grinding.

This tub has a lid, so you can pre-grind coffee and use it over a couple of days. Don’t grind too much, as coffee spoils faster when ground, and is better when fresh.

If you want to make espresso, then you can stick the group handle underneath onto the holder, and then push it in to start grinding. When you’ve got enough coffee, you stop and tamp. As dispensing is entirely manual, you can’t get the same amount of coffee each time. With rival grinders, such as the Lelit William PL-72, you can set the grind time (and thus the amount of coffee) for single- and double-doses.


Works well for espressoCoarser grinds for filter coffee

Cheaper grinders often struggle with range. That is, they can usually cope with coarser grinds for filter coffee, but can’t get a fine-enough grind to use on higher-end espresso machines that have single-wall filter baskets.

I’m pleased to say that this isn’t the case with the Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K. When using a finer grind, I found that the coffee was small enough to get excellent extraction when using a single-walled filter basket.

At the other end of the scale, grinding into the provided pot with a coarser grind got me coffee that worked brilliantly in a filter machine.

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Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a quality grinder that isn’t overly expensive that can handle espresso and filter coffee then this is a great choice.

If you want finer control over how much coffee is dispensed, for a posh espresso machine, you’ll want to go for a more expensive model.

Final Thoughts

Spend more on a grinder and you’ll get finer control over the amount that you dispense, but you may lose some flexibility. With the Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K you get a well-priced grinder that works equally as well for espresso as for filter coffee, and it’s extremely good value for the quality.

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How many beans can the Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K hold?

It can take up to 250g of coffee in its hopper.

How do you adjust the grind on the Domo Professional Coffee Grinder D0715K?

You use the dial on the front: smaller numbers are for a finer grind, higher numbers for a coarser grind.

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