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Insta360 One RS


UKRRP: £279.99
USARRP: $299.99

Key Features

Modular design:Swap between flat and 360-degree filming on the go

6K filming:Widescreen cinematic footage at 24/25fps

48MP sensor:Improved capability for stills photography


Insta360 returns to the modular action camera concept with its latest device, the Insta360 One RS, but this time there are several key improvements under the hood.

Modular action cameras are not a new concept, Insta360 has utilised the design before for the Insta360 One R, and it was more recently seen in the magnetic DJI Action 2 – marking a huge departure from the original DJI Osmo Action.

Insta360 clearly has just as much faith in modular filming as DJI does, sticking with the same design for the One RS, but there are plenty of other changes elsewhere.


Modular concept makes a returnDesign is virtually unchanged from the One RModules are backwards compatible

From a design perspective, the Insta360 One RS is indistinguishable from its predecessor, and this is intentional. By keeping the look the same, it’s possible for One R users to use the RS’s new and improved lenses and modules with their existing kit, giving you the freedom to upgrade on a part by part basis.

Of course, by keeping the One R’s design, several existing issues are still along for the ride such as the fact that swapping the orientation of the screen just isn’t as seamless when compared to action cameras, like the GoPro Hero 10, that have rear and front-facing displays built-in from the get-go.

Video and images

4K Boost Lens jumps to 48MP6K Widescreen Mode added for cinematic footageActive HDR mode for improved action shots

The default 4K lens on the One RS (now known as the 4K Boost Lens) has been given a serious upgrade, bumping the resolution from 12MP to a massive 48MP. With the increased resolution, the One RS now has a 6K Widescreen Mode for more cinematic footage at an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. It is worth mentioning however that this mode only shoots at 24/25fps, so for more fast paced footage you can drop down to 4K 60fps.

There’s also a new Active HDR mode which brings HDR into video recording itself, promising to add more impressive levels of colour contrast to your fast-paced action shots. FlowState stabilisation (Insta360’s alternative to GoPro HyperSmooth software) is now activated during filming, whereas previously this was done in post, which should allow for more stable footage this time around.

Of course, if you have the 360 lens to hand then you can still enjoy the same 5.7K 360-degree filming that was available on the One R, and you can use the accompanying Insta360 app to reframe your 360 footage thereafter for more stylised shots.

Performance and accessories

New quick release on the Mounting BracketWi-Fi speeds are 50% fasterExtra mic for better sound

The 4K lens isn’t the only thing that’s been upgraded, the One RS core – which serves as the brains of the camera – has also been decked out with new features. For starters, there’s now an additional mic on the device, bringing the total to three and promising better audio quality along with it. Insta360 claims that the Wi-Fi connection from the One RS is now 50% faster than before, allowing users to more quickly share footage from the camera to their smartphone.

Listening to feedback about the clunkiness of the One R’s mounting bracket (essential for adding accessories like the Invisible Selfie Stick), Insta360 has added a much-needed quick release to the new mounting bracket on the One RS. This means that you can more quickly remove the camera from the case and hopefully spend less time swapping out lenses.

First Impressions

While it might not look like a massive upgrade from face-value alone, the Insta360 One RS does bring some much needed upgrades to the table, like a quick release for the Mounting Bracket to make swapping out lenses an easier process than before.

The introduction of a 6K Widescreen Mode, as well as Active HDR, is sure to be tempting to any owners of the One R, but the fact that all this is backwards compatible with the existing kit makes it feel like a win-win for consumers.

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