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LG Signature OLED M (model M3)

LG Signature OLED M (model M3)

This super-sized OLED screen can display UHD sound and vision wirelessly, using innovative RF technology. It works well, but don’t expect the tech to be cheap when it rolls out later this year.


No physical cables required for sound and visionSupports 4K and HFR up to 120HzLow latency connection


You still need a power chordMonster-sized screens onlyPremium price tag – obviously



Key Features

HDRDolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG

GamingNVIDIA G-Sync support


LG Signature, the premium arm of LG electronics, is known for no-comprise products that push the boundaries of performance and design. OLED aficionados will doubtless recall the LG Signature OLED-R, the 65-inch flexible OLED display that unfurled from a compact cabinet, launched in 2021.

Well, at CES 2023, the brand challenged accepted norms once again, with the LG Signature OLED M, a high-end 4K HDR display that uses Zero Connect technology to deliver sound and vision via a proprietary RF system, no wires required.

I had a chance to take a closer look at this potential game-changer. These are my first impressions…


AV connection-free rear panelSeparate RF transmitter and connector boxPremium finish

At 97-inches, the LG Signature M3 is a screen that made a big impact at CES 2023. LG Signature clearly intends to reserve its new Zero Connect wizardry for the most luxurious of screens. It’ll also appear in 77- and 83-inch screen sizes, but nothing smaller, at least for the time being.

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The benefits of going wireless are clear: mega-screens can be placed anywhere an interior designer wants, without having to worry about connecting ugly peripherals via cable spaghetti to the screen itself. 

Despite its size, the M3 looks slick. It has an ultra-thin bezel and can be free-standing in a room or wall mounted.

What sets the panel apart from regular TV’s is the partnering Zero Connect transmitter box, which provides all the inputs missing from the panel itself.

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Picture Quality

Vibrant 4K image qualityComparable PQ to conventional wired OLED TVs

The obvious thing to do when faced with a huge screen that’s receiving imagery from a wireless source is look for artefacts, tell-tale signs of compression and noise that reveal the compromises required to perform its miraculous party trick.

But nothing obvious jumped out. The panel, even at this unforgiving size, looked much as you might hope it would, with razor sharp detail, excellent dynamics and extreme vibrancy.

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Most of the demo footage available was typically kaleidoscopic, the kind of sequences that are rich in eye candy. The good news: I spotted no shortfall in colour fidelity.

HDR performance looked equally excellent. The best real world test was the opening sequence from Mad Max Fury Road, delivered from UHD Blu-ray. The 4K BD player was connected to one of the inputs on the Zero Connect box and sent wirelessly to the screen.

The disc looked as sharp and dynamic as I would hope, with no obvious nasties.

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LG declined to talk about the panel in use on this M3 model, but it seems likely that it is OLED.EX, as released by LG Display in 2022.

OLED.EX provides a brightness boost of 30 percent over a regular OLED panel, thanks to improved algorithms and panel stability, through the use of deuterium. 

Apparently the 77-inch will use Brightness Booster Max technology (algorithms coupled to a physical heatsink), while the 83- and 97-inch models will rely on algorithms to ensure an HDR uplift.

Sound Quality

Dolby Atmos sound systemWOWCast compatible

The M3 has a Dolby Atmos sound system built in, coupled with a wide spread of drivers. The opening sequence from Mad Max Fury Road certainly sounded fine, doing justice to the source.

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The M3 can be used with a soundbar, but this requires a little bit of invention. One of the HDMIs is eARC enabled, but obviously the transmitter isn’t going to be positioned near the screen.

The solution is LG’s WOWCast dongle which could be used to link the Zero Connect box to a compatible soundbar positioned below the screen, delivering lossless audio.


Three 4K 120Hz capable HDMI inputseARCwebOS Smart Platform

Beyond its innovative wireless configuration, usability looks much the same as a regular LG OLED. Smart connectivity comes via the brand’s familiar webOS platform.

The Zero Connect cube sports a trio of 4K 120Hz capable HDMIs, plus two USB inputs, a digital optical audio output Ethernet and a TV tuner. For wider system control, there’s also an RS232C jack and an IR blaster.

First impressions

The OLED M looks to be another spectacular addition to the LG Signature line of high performance, category redefining OLED displays. It’s the first TV I’ve seen deliver 4K 120Hz wirelessly without obvious compromise, and picture quality is undeniably impressive.

As for price, it hasn’t been set yet. LG Signature kit invariably comes with a premium price tag, as befits leading edge tech. I was told it’ll sell for something between the incoming G3 range and the brand’s 8K LG Signature flatscreens.

The LG Signature Z2 88-inch sells for around £25,000, so I guess it’ll be less than that. As for availability, there are plenty of regulatory issues to resolve worldwide before it can launch, but mid-2023 seems like a fair bet.

If you want to take your AV wireless in 2023, best start saving now.

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What is LG’s Zero Connect technology?

LG’s Zero Connect tech is a wireless solution that allows for transmission of video and audio in real-time at up to 4K/120Hz.

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